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How to take over the world, early warning cartoon- mirror

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plandemic is old news...and pre planned

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Tee_Riggles_B 19 days ago

I think we have a very very strong position here during the reset. Santana (can you dig it) cured blindness with his new invention glasses. He presented the best idea ive heard in 25yrs. MOSES WEST free water machine.... Free water 4 for all. Since unifying is the hardest challenge for folks. We should take one baby step at a time. 1st step is pushing MOSES WEST machine in every state. At least 3 or more in each state. We can stand on truth only, and the truth is that everyone needs water. If folks dont wanna fight for water in this nation. This 2nd form of slavery (The Mental one) were in wins. Once this step is finished, the joy of accomplishment should sit in. The mindset should switch to, we can do things together.... The next steps that should be taken should be training wheels off, and said behind closed doors. Just like some court cases or congressional classified hearing for only them...... Step 1 (Training wheels assignment: FREE WATER 4 ALL. The creator wanted things this way, basic necessities should be free. HOME, FOOD, and SHELTER.... With this problem relieved from the monkeys back. Within in 10 years on focusing why were here, whats the purpose, and whole entire story needs to be taught. The real mother goddess story.

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